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About Wakaba
   You can see a brief presentation of Wakaba Incorporation. 

Long-term Care services of Wakaba
   Wakaba provide four types of Home Care Services and two additional services.

Care management services
Our care-managers arrange all types services which can be provided by Long-term Care Insurance System for clientes.
Home-visit nursing Services (include preventive services)
Physical assistance and homekeeping assistance services can be served.
Rental and Purchase of health care equipements (include preventive services)
Health care equipements, such as a hospital bed, wheelchair etc are available for rent.
Barrier free house reform services(in preparation)
To prevent in-house accidents of elderlies, barrier free house reform is indispensable.
Consulting services(free service)
Our English speaking stuffs help clientes understanding complicated systems and provide famillies of clients with know-hows needed for elderly care.
Applications assistance services(free service)
As a licenced establishment of long-term care services, Wakaba can make applications in place of clientes.

What is the Japanese Long-term Care System?
  Tokyo metropolitain government made brochure of the Japanese Long-term Care System

Flowchart: How to profit the System
  Procedures for care sevices are illustrated . 

What is Disables Assistance System?
  There is similar system of care services for disable person provided by The Disables Independant Law.(in preparation)

  News about revisions of laws and Wakaba's opinion (in preparation)


  Useful links is available including a few English web sites.

  Informations for employment of Wakaba Inc.(in preparation)

Wakaba Gallery
  You can enjoy pictures of seasonal flowers and landscapes.
(in preparation)

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