Care management service

    After obtainment of certification for care assistance or nursing care, individual care plan have to be made by users or by a care manager of a provider. In reality, care planning needs knowledge of the Long-term care system and is difficult to make by users. Easier way is to ask a care manager of providers such as Wakaba corporation. The cost for planning is 100% covered by the system, so users pay nothing for it.     
What is care plan?
     Care plan consists of combination of services: home care services, facility care services, purchase or rental of welfare equipments, etc. These services are mentioned in the page " What is Long-term care system?"
     Care plans have to be elaborated to support independant activities of elderlies and disable people and decrease burden of their family.    

Concept of care planning

@ Assessment

     As assessment, care managers pose questions to clients and their families to find physical condition, social and daily life environment, personal history, etc. With this assessment, we can understand what kind of services are suitable to keep daily life or improve physical condition for exemple.

A Care planning
     In consideration of the assessment, care managers make a care plan combining home care services, facility care services, residential facility services, purchase or rental of welfare equipments, etc. And they set short, medium and long term objective of improvement of client's physical condition and dailiy life.

B Implimentation of services

     After care plan made, clients have to sign agreement with some care service providers or designated Long-term care insurance facilities. Then variety of care sevices will be offered to clients respecting care plans.

C Confirmation of services and re-assessment
     Care managers have to visit clients at least once a month to check and estimate care services implimentation. And re-assess all conditions of clients. After that, they improve plans if necessary.This cycle is indespensable for good care services.

Care plan cycle