Home-visit nursing services
Wakaba provide Home Help Services for elderlies and disable people who need assistance for daily life.
Wakaba's home-helpers are certificated specialists of care services which need methodical techniques and knowledge about elderly and disable people care services. The system impose high level ethics such as privacy protection of clients on helpers as semi-public servant.
Before starting services
   All services depend on Care plan provided by Care-managers. So Care-planning is necessary before starting home-visit nursing sevices.
   Those who are willing to use care sevices are proposed to consult a Care managers of a Care service providers such as Wakaba Corp. and make application for Care planning.
Home-visit nursing planning
    After care plan is made, home-visit nursing service manager will make a home help sevice plan in consideration of client's physical condition, familial situation and other environments. Followings are the proces of home help planninng.
@ Assessment
 home-visit nursing service manager visit client's home and pose some questions to clients and their family members in order to understand every actual functions of client's body of daily life. This step is indespensable for best planning for clients.

A Home help plan
    Based on the assessment results and client's wishes, a home-visit nursing service managers make a care service plan for clients. This plan consist of weekly plan, monthly plan, and procedure of care services. Every Wakaba staff respect the plan, so that the quality of care sevices don't differ by service staff.

B Home care serving
    After these prodedure, home care services observing the plan start .
    staffs who are in charge of home care services have to not only respect the plan, but also observe clients closely and report the condition of clients to a home care service manager. In consideration of the report, care managers will discuss with staffs and home-visit nursing service managers of better home care services, and then remake or impove the plan. In case of emergency, care manager discuss to the home doctor or families for cooperation.
    Reports from service staffs are very important for proper care services of elderlies or disable people whose physical condition may change suddenly.

C Check and revision of care plannings
    Particularity of home care service is that the services are done in a closed room. This poses sometimes a problem: only a staff in charge and client know what have been done. So we need a inspection system to monitoring quality of service. To prevent inappropriate services or accidents, Wakaba has a cross checking system for quality control. So we modify service contents or exchange staffs to meet needs of clients.
Home-visit nursing services
    Purpose of home-visit nursing service is assistance of clients' independant life. This means that service staffs would not assisst what clients can do by their self. Because, to keep independant physical ablility, excessive assistance reduce moral of clients to be independant.
    Services are divided in two type of assistance: physical assisstance such as continence assistance or bathing assistance and daily life assistance such as preparing food or shopping assistance.
Physical assistance

Continent care
Bathing assistance

Body cleaning with towels

Deaper exchange

Meal taking assistance

Mouth care

 Attendance of visits to hospitals or clinics, maintenace of medical equipements

Daily life assistance

    Assistance of daily life such as shopping, cocking, cleaning, etc.This type of assistance don't include physical contact with clients.
Preventive home-visit nursing services
    These services are for those certified as on the support level 1 or 2. Clients can use only daily life assistances and cannot use physycal assistances. Essentially, services are to assist elderlies what they cannot do by themselves. The services are depending on the care prevention management made by the comprehensive community support center.
     Service duration is up to 1.5 hour per day.
Forbiden sevices
    The Long-term care system forbid some services which are sometimes considered to be included.

Services for client's family
    The services should be only for elderlies or disable people who need assistance of care staffs, because the cost payed by the system.
For exemple:
    Staffs wash only clothes or dishes of clients. This means that clothes and dishes should be separated from that of family members. If the separation is not clear, staffs can wash nothing.

General house cleaning or garden cleaning
   Cleaning service is only for daily life. So care staffscannot clean outside of client's room such as garden, entrance-hall or other family member's rooms without spaces such as dininng room which is common use for all family members.

Medical treatments
   Medical cares or treatments are not permitted to care assistance staffs. Long-term care service system provide with medical staffs visiting service if clients need medical treatments at home. Please consult to Care manager for this service.