Rental and Purchase of care equipments
Wakaba provide rental and selling of care equipments.
    Long-term care insurance system covers 90% of rental fee for care equipments listed in the following table. So requires assistance and requires nursing care can use expensive equipments such as wheelchair and care bed with 10% fee.
    In addition, Wakaba sells another equipments useful for independant life such as portable toilet or bath equipments covered by the insurance and a lot of equipements without insurance cover.

Rental equipements

     Those certified as on the care level 1-5 can use all equipements, but those certified as on the support level 1 or 2 can use equipements from L to Q
Item Description
A Wheelchair Standard manual type, standard motorized type, standard nursing care type.
B Wheel chair accessories Items directly attached to wheelchair(cushion, power unit, etc.)
C Nursing care bed Nursing care bed(one to tree motors bed)
D Nursing care bed accessories For direct attachement to nursing care bed such as mattress,side rails,etc.
E Bedsore prevention mat Mat with body weight dispersing effect for bedsore prevention
F Position changer Devices for changing position of recipient
G Motion sensor Alert system to monitor senil person attempting go outside
H Lifts Lift and move device for care service of elderly person
I Bathing lifts Lift attaching on bathtub for bathing
J Lift chairs Chair with lift fonction to stand up from ground position to sitting position
K Floor gap lifts Lifting machine for wheelchair to pass floor level gap
L Handrail Movable handrail which don't need any fixation
M Ramp Movable ramp to facilitate moving of recipient
N Walker Walking device which support standing position
O Walking devices Canes,Canadian crutches, multi-pronged canes,etc.
P Slideboad Moving device with which facilitate transfer of recipient from bed to wheelchair for exemple
Q 6 wheels walker Walking device with 6 wheels which assist easy turn for elderlies

Welfare equipments purchasable with 10% of total fee

Item Description
Toilet equipment Potable toilet, high seat toilet, toilet seat with lifting fonction, seat for Japanese style toilet
Nursing care urinal Automatic urine vacuum equipment
Bathing accessory devices Seats placing inside or outside of bathtub, Handrail, bath boad, no slip platform
Portable bathtub Transportable bathtub
Band attachement for transport lift Lift attachement using for supporting recipient

How to use rental equipment service under Long-term care insurance system

    Certification as requires assistance or requires nursing care 1to 5 is necessary for 10% fee rental services. At first, call a care managing provider such as Wakaba Cop. to make a care plan. The care manager makes all applications for rental equipments in place of client. Welfare equipment consultant will visit client's home to advice client in choosing equipments in consideration of client's physical condition and life style.
     Monthly rental fee(in general 10% of whole fee) will be asked by the provider by 10th each month.

How to purchase equipment not covered by the system

     The system is applied only for some standard equipments mentioned in the law. So purchase of others equipments such as order-made wheelchairs or luxuary care bed are excluded from the system. But care equipments are very useful for extending independant activity of elderlies and disable people. Wakaba corp. provide many sorts of care equipments on catalogue order. Care equipment consultants are available to explain suitable equipments depending on situation of clients.
     Wakaba doesn't have shop, but there are some public places for care equipment display like 「たすけっと」(Tasuketto) of Setagaya local government. You can try many equipments there, but purchasing is not provied. We can provide similar quality equipments showed in these places.