About Wakaba Inc.
  •  Name of campany: Kabushikigaisha Wakaba
                     (Wakaba Incorporation)
  •  President : Michiko Yamaoka
  •  Legal status:
     (Long-term Care Insurance System)
     Number of designated in-house care service provider : 1371202944
     (Disables Independent assistance system)
     Number of designated in-house care service provider : 1311200818
    (Tokyo Metropolitain Gov.)
     Number of designated displacement assistance service provider : 0000000062 (Setagaya city Gov.) 
     Number of designated displacement assistance service provider : 1361121211 (Meguro city Gov.)  
  •  Address : 2-5-8-100 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  •  Phone number : 03-5712-5185
  •  Facsimile number : 03-5712-5186
  •  E-mail : info@kaigo-wakaba.jp
  •  Brief History of the company
     1st April 2000     Establishment of Wakaba Care-center and start preparation as a
                   provider of long-term care services
     1st May 2000     Start of home help services
     1st April 2002     Establishment of Wakaba Corporation taking over whole businesses
                   of Wakaba Care-center
     1st May 2002     Start of Care-management service and rental equipments service
     1st August 2003   Start of home help services for disable person

     1st April 2006     Designated vendor of care equipements
                Designated in-house care services for care-preventive home-visite care service,
                   rental-perchase of equipements service

     1st October 2006  Disables displacement assistance service (Disables Independent Assistance Law)
  •  Investment : 10 millions yens
  •  Banks : Mizuho Bank Sangenjaya branch, Mitsui-Sumitomo Banak Setagaya branch
  •  Services : ( Long-term care services)
              Home help services
              Preventive Home help services
              Care-management service
              Rental service of care equipments
              Preventive rental service of care equipements
              Barrier free house reform services
              Free consulting services
              Applications assistance services
              (Disables Independent Assistance services)
              Home help services

    Displacement assistance service
  •  Staffs : General Staffs
              Home help sevice manager : 2
              Care manager : 2
              Care equipment specialists : 3
              Premium category Home-helpers : 2
              Secondary category Home-helpers : 2
            Registered Staffs
              Secondary category Home-helpers : 15
              Premium category Home-helpers : 1